Civil Litigation in the Creedmoor, NC Area

Civil Litigation in the Creedmoor, NC Area

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As a litigator, Mr. Flebotte will use his 37 years of trial experience to successfully represent you in civil cases such as
• Contract Disputes
• Business Litigation
• Construction Law
• Property Boundary Disputes / Land Use
• Liens
• Landlord / Tenant Disputes
• Business Formation / Startups
• Consumer Law


Whether you require an agreement constructed for your specific business needs, or are engaged in a contract dispute, we are here to help. With 37 years of experience, let us resolve your urgent needs in the areas of licensing, non-disclosure, purchase and sell, confidentiality, and more.


Our attorney has decades of experience in the Durham, Wake, Orange, Johnston, and Chatham county courtrooms. We will diligently lead you in cases of fraud, breach of contract, lien enforcement, breach of restrictive covenants, etc...through the phases of filing, discovery, trial, and appeal (if necessary). Achieving your objective with the optimal resolution is our goal.

Construction Law

Using our many years of practice in the Triangle Area, our attorneys will guide you through local, state, and federal regulations that have potential to delay your construction projects. All dealings with architects, engineers, sub-contractors, developers, owners, and property managers have the potential for unforeseen obstacles. Flebotte and Associates will help you resolve your problems with missed deadlines, disputes, defective materials, and much more.

Property Boundary Disputes & Land Use

Conflict can arise when property boundary lines were arbitrarily drawn, or the landscape has changed where natural boundaries like ponds or roads were in place. Your property is a valuable asset, and we will persevere in protecting your deed, and rights to use your land as you see fit.


If you own a property with a lien filed against it, let us first determine if the lien is valid, and then establish a legal course of action to protect you and your assets.

If you feel you are owed money on a construction project, we can help you file a mechanic's lien. There are strict guidelines to be followed in order to collect your money. Contact us quickly and we will help you resolve this business dispute.

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

We help defend tenants rights against unfair eviction and property use. Or if you are a landlord with tenants who are engaged in illegal or damaging behavior, we have the resources to help protect your property.

Business Formation / Start-ups

Our attorneys will navigate you through choosing the appropriate entity, small business loans, employee issues, and tax law. We will give you guidance to provide your business with an exciting start and continued growth.